Tuesday, September 21, 2010

que pasa?

jon hamm going after the bad guys

Today I am simply sharing what's happening in my life these days.  The weekend was enjoyable as we visited with Darcy's mom, Julie, in town from St. Louis to bring her winter attire.  We had a nice roast dinner and went to see The Town (how appropriate.)  The cast delivered and it is always great to see Jon Hamm on screen.  Ben Affleck wrote, starred in and directed this flick and I feel he did a good job (albeit he looked a little old.)  Jeremy Renner stole the show.  He's the guy from Hurt Locker that I raved about previously.  Wow!  He was awesome. 

Ben and Jeremy

Later that evening we indulged in more movies and rented The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo since Julie highly recommended same.  She was right on!  What a captivating movie.  It has subtitles, but I always watch my shows with captions anyway, so no problemo there.
Swedish entertainment

I do not have a big sweet tooth, hence, do not spend time baking; however, having a sugar and spice girl around the house, I am inspired to offer her some delights.  Last week I made simple, basic sugar cookies and this week dark chocolate brownies with walnuts and morsels.  Wayne brought some to the office and the women working with him love them.  The incentive is to bring some sweetness into the workplace to make the intense workload less stressful.  A little sugar goes a long way.  Next week I'll dabble in oatmeal raisin cookies. 

dark chocolate brownies soothes the soul

Today is leftover day but I prepared a light tuna salad.  Megan keeps writing about bacon and I had such a taste for it, but will only sample a few slices and leave the rest.  I now have incentive to get in shape for the wedding next year.  I don't have a problem with over-eating, but drinking more water is essential.  Working out more often will definitely do the trick.  Time will tell.
tuna and bacon- yummy in my tummy

I am determined to drink this container filled with purified water each and every day.  I am such a slacker when it comes to hydration, but I know it is necessary and now I am on a mission.
water jug

This Saturday I have been invited to tag along as Margarita tries on over a dozen wedding gowns at Ultimate Brides on Oak Street downtown.  I have not been to the Loop in a while so I am looking forward to spending time in our glorious city. 
My friend, Helena, mentioned a new restaurant is opening in the area, so we could possibly have lunch there.  I can't wait to see Margarita in a wedding gown.  No matter what she tries on, she will look divine, for she was a model for Elite in the recent past.  Just envisioning her sashay in the room will take my breath away.  It is exciting to spend time with the girls and their moms these days. 
trimmed brush

We trimmed some trees and bushes last weekend and this weekend.  Our pickup in the area is not until the end of the month, so we had to leave the limbs by the air conditioner, not knowing we would have this summer-like weather.  It is buried under all the brush. I don't mind, for the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing on this ultimate, balmy day.  The other members of the household will not agree but they can tough it out for a day or two.
my one and only mum

This is the only survivor of last year's mum plantings.  We put in over a dozen but only this one returned and she is gorgeous, right at our entrance with the wind blowing marker.  Next year I will plant them in the spring and get some clippings from my Aunt Diane, for hers are absolutely fabulous. 
cute little guy

I forgot what this plant is called but it is so unique, I had to share.  I buy one every year because it is so pleasing to the eye and lasts all season.   That's about it for now.  I am excited to preview all the new seasonal shows this week, a nice respite from listening to all the football during the weekend.  My ears still hurt;  'tis the season, I guess.  Enjoy this glorious day, no matter where you are.  Take time and count your blessings.  xo